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The Down Syndrome Association of the Northern Territory provides a huge range of programs and services to support families.

For example, the Down Syndrome Schools Support Program (DSSSP) provides information and support to schools regarding the attendance, education and provision of specialised resources for students with Down syndrome across the Territory.

The Computer Aided Learning Program (CAL) provides specialised computer lessons on a weekly basis to students with Down syndrome within their classroom. CAL also provides a vast library of educational computer programs which are loaned to members — a service that is of great value to rural and remote schools.

Project 21 provides educational pathways for young adults with Down syndrome on leaving Year 12 through a range of projects: Skills 21, Media 21, Graphics 21, Dance 21, Sign 21, Music 21, Sing 21, Social 21.

WIMS provides a retail training pathway for young adults with Down syndrome.

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